40%OFF Special discount price for Efoil forum users for Maytech Fully Waterproof Efoil electric hydrofoil kit

This is Special price for Efoil Forum users
USD1199/set (original price US$1999/set)
Maytech fully waterproof 65162 Motor+ fully waterproof 300A ESC with Progcard + New updated version Remote + Free Propeller
Promotion time: 23rd Sep.~31st Oct, 2019
Please check following link for details:


More pictures for ESC. This ESC can be used directly in water:

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It would probably be good to divulge a bit more information about the ESC and how it drives the motor. Is it a normal ESC or is it VESC based?


it’s not VESC based. It’s designed by our engineer, specially for efoil/surfboard, etc water sport using.

I am sick of seeing this overpriced Chinese garbage shoved in our face.

If anyone wants to pay that sort of money for a speed controller, you’d be better off going to a reputable company like MGM and getting a quality product that is backed with a reliable warranty.


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I will test mine soon, your 300A ESC works very well and I think your full waterproof version is perfect to eliminate compartments and weight, probably I will place it directly in the core of my surfboard, I want to build a minimalist and reliable efoil. And I hope your kit meets my expectations.

Is it the same engineer who designed:
-your efoil motor
-remote charging circuit
-remote waterproofing



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Do do raise a solid point on the MGM controller. As well as exceptional customer service when they fail.

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So I guess you approved the use of your video on Maytechs Alibaba website.

While your comments here may be true, the product is just resold by maytech.

Please declare your interests with maytech before you pimp their overpriced products.


I only have interests with the people who help me and have good parts for my efoil, ok?
I think is not a problem to help them if these electronic products are good for me, these parts could probably be good for you and I am testing free for you. Therefore, respect my opinion and I can respect you, I hope you understand me!
I bought this kit separately and you can buy it cheaper than me HERE, ok?
I can show you my PayPal payments if you want and my messenger messages with Eileen. Please be careful with your post friend. I love efoil and the people that follow me know that my way is not the money.
I tested a lot of brands, probably more brands tha you, respect please!
If people here keeptalking about my interests I wont continue in this forum.

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Anyway …

So the main question, i think ,is :

If I buy this kit , as shown in the pics , and I put on my Efoil , no protection for the esc , using this propeller , I can go flying full throttle for 30 min without paddling back ? :thinking:

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Personally I would have no issue with Maytech IF:

1/They would stop pretending being manufacturer. They are not, Maytech is a trading company. Why are you lying about this Eileen? There is nothing wrong trading products you source in China made by others. By pretending your engineer developed the efoil motor and that you manufacture it in your factory you are loosing all credibility.

2/Honore warranty on faulty product. The lipo of remote V1 overheat when charging has no protection and some remote had water leak. There is several users who posted on the forum about these issues yet you asked them to pay for replacement…


I apologise if you don’t have any relationship with Maytech.
When you continue to promote this company that will not honour warranties and charges unreasonable prices for products, I get very sceptical.

I don’t believe this company is acting in the best interests of forum members. Nuff said.


Thanks Michion, I can only talk about my experience with them and my personal opinion is good, I have very well comunication and fast shipping, guarantee, the price is not the only important to me when the comunication is correct. Sorry if other people are unhappy but that is not my problem, I only defend my experience.I also had problems with my two remotes and paid $ 59 each to replace them, I attached one pic if you dont believe. I’m help them with my tests and you can see I dont have free parts from Maytech. The price is the same like you. I hope this part fully clarified!
I love this remote control and I think it needs a second chance. A month ago I tried Fliteboard in my country, it has an incredible finish but I don’t understand the horrible control of this remote control, I don’t feel the precise power like the Maytech remote in my hand.
I talked to Eileen when I saw the propeller in the kit, the 180mm accessory is not suitable, you need to cut this accessory, she literally told me “the propeller is free. The customer can cut it themselves.” Well, friends, I can advise but I can’t force, okay?
My real opinion about this kit is that I have everything I need on it.
It is 100% waterproof in all parts, the components are very well synchronized and I think it is not expensive if finally the v2 remote works well. In this moment is the best option on the market.

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That is the problem : « free » , I think that is one way to come out of the warranty : if customers run this propeller they will probably fry something , since the propeller would be the problem and because it is free , i guess warranty won’t apply …
that is not the way to do things

1100€ is a lot of money , especially for people first built who doesn’t know if the all built will work or not

My first built ( still working ) geared set up sls part was about 1000€ for the same parts

My second built ( direct drive) was about 2500€ for the « same » parts

If we have to buy again « cheap » part , at the end this will cost some money : remote v1 is already over 300€ at this end

In this kit , the main part : propeller is still missing
No current control for the esc
Remote v2 may hopefully work but we cannot use all the features with this esc
Motor is waterproof but for how long ? Is there any thrust bearing in it , how long will this last ?


I hate the non constructive opinions, I dont answer how long time etc, because you can make this querstion to all motors in the market right now. If you are a extraordinary builder I dont know why dont you sell your parts friend. I also have two gearded propulsions working, 300$ TPPower + 300$ gearbox +550$ aluminium case + a lot of work and only the propulsion is the same price than this kit.
I can make the board and fiber parts but the really complicated is a system fully waterproof, based on my experience the principal problem in efoil is the water inside, ok? and more people here probably say yes. I dont need telemetry, rpm, speed etc in my remote, I only need a very good remote for a good control and fun in the water, the example is fliteboard, you can get a lot of data but the power control is shit. This part is very important for me.
I recommend this kit again and if maytech remote v2 gets water inside I’ll buy the same maytech remote and will cover it with a plastic, I’m an idiot but I love this remote.
About the propeller was explain in my last post, this prop must be cut for a good working or buy other prop.

I think there are different problems with the company:

  • a trading company focused on margins,
  • short sighted, the end user satisfaction is not the main goal: @Eileen could have made a request to adapt the propeller size but it would cost a few usd per prop so it is not worth doing, it would decrease point 1,
  • the efoil activity is just one among many activities,
  • to maintain the margins, every sold product from the shelf is a bet, the customers will do the test job,
  • not many competitors: the key recommendations of their best world tester are not even taken into consideration … until point 1 is affected by returns, and so on…

that is not very nice because i didn’t “quote” you anywhere and this post was about the “special offer”, usually i don’t answer that but since i’am surely not “a extraordinary builder” and i don’t when to sell anythings , i will play:

i wanted to thank you for your work on your youtube channel and i did my first build using as you using a tp motor 40mm with resainauer gearbox, swordfish esc , you’ve kind off lost me around this maytech fervor but everyone does what it wants…

i have no opinion on this kit , as i said 30min full throttle , that was more a question for people who wants to buy this kit should ask themself

espacially when maytech has already a vesc that would works with this remote and this motor, with all the safety features

as far as principal problem: one answer could be to start from a waterproof case and to built a board around it including the mast mount , you should be able to do that on your new board, no needs for a waterproof esc with your skills.

i agree with you, we don’t need telemetry that much, but in that case why paying more for remote which has it ?

i guess this offer is missing a free plastic dip can for the remote V2

(no hard feelings)