6384 bearing size

Would anyone be able to confirm the bearing sizes in a Saite 6384? Looking to order some ceramics in advance of it arriving. Thanks!

6800 10x19x5, three per motor
Foil Drive are using 2 ceramic and one stainless steel in the Gen2. Anyone know where they use the stainless one?

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Sorry. Not saite.
Apparently Jonathan you are correct. They are all the same size.

I’ve found the ceramic bearings from Ali work fine.

You will need two of the small one
and one of the larger one.

1pcs 608 609 6000 6001 6800 6801 6802 6900 6901 6902 MR117 126 128 74 85 84 63 148 ZrO2 Zirconia Full Ceramic Bearing

I have a cheap 6374 from aliexp, and it has two 6800 and a 6900.

Sounds like the Saite 6384 has three of the 6800.

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All the ceramic bearings I tried failed very quickly. Saite does not recommend using ceramic bearings for 12s voltage.

If the bearings are failing quickly, is there any reason why you can fill up the whole stator with 10x bearings to help spread the load?

Alignment over such a short distance shouldn’t be too much concern.

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Are these SS ok?

316 stainless would be preferable to 440C

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SS Bearings 6800,6900

316, 304 and kugellager recommended


SS 316 (Found on Ali through google, Ali search sucks):

SS 304:

SS 440C:

Currently I am using SUS304 bearings. I’m not saying that all ceramic bearings are bad, but so far I haven’t come across a reliable one.

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Sorry, but I don’t quite understand what 10x bearings mean.

The last bearing closest to prop is stainless on the gen 2.

I use the ones from Kugellager express on a saite 63100. They need to be changed every 300-400km. No rust, they just wear out.

I updated the above post with links to SUS304

sat_be are you using them in saltwater?

Not regularly, only occasionally, when on holidays. I also tried hybrid ceramic bearibgs but I prefer the stainless steel ones, they have less play and last longer.

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