6384 outrunner, bearing removal?

Hey guys, I got my generic 6384 outrunner and wanted to start prepping it, soldering thicker phase wires, epoxying, etc. However, trying to remove the upper bearing gave me a hard time, any advice? Thanks

Sometimes these have bearing glue on, should be visible in this case. If so, put the stator in the oven 100degC for half an hour, this can soften the glue.

I don’t have a 6384 motor to check but normally you can push out the bearings with a mandrel pushed into the hole from the opposite side. If you’re anyway replacing with stainless bearings then you can smack them out from the opposite side with a hammer and screwdriver.

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Thanks buddy, you’re always there to help.
My most important challenge now is to remove the top mount plate so I can separate the stator completely, I want to get rid of the sensor wires and from there proceed to solder new phase wires, and dunk it in epoxy, etc. any idea how to do that without destroying that motor?

Tried to check some pictures, no screw fixations for the back plate? If so then likely a grip fit between the plate to the stator core. I’d remove the bearings first and check what can be seen.

Probably you need to use a puller to get it off. Just be careful, the thin copper wires are easily damaged - could be better to cut the wires just outside of the motor and solder on some new ones.

Good luck removing the top mount plate. I tried EVERYTHING on a 6364 motor and finally gave up. If you’re not worried about damaging your windings (because you plan on replacing them) you might have luck using a torch and a press. I tried a press alone, and couldn’t get it to budge.

It’s actually easier than it seems, no need a press, I made a video explaining just that, send me a private message and I’ll send you the link.

You have a way to remove the armature/windings from the front mount plate? I’d love to see your video. Thanks.

Please share link here for all. It might help someone to avoid destroying their motor :grinning:

The video indeed would be very helpful for me

I have the same question for two units, would need remove the top mount plate so I can remove sensor wires/board? Otherwise build quality on these seams rather ok what i can tell. 3 small bearings on each motor.