6384 outrunner build no fly .. help!

this morning I took the first test. i used a 6384 120kv (4600w) outrunner, 5-12s 150ah flydragon esc, 10s6p 18650 battery. 3d printed propeller just for these features. the engine appears to be very responsive. my weight is 69kg and the board with battery weighs 25kg. on it I can not get up in flight. the front wing seems to work properly when I press the throttle to empty the board takes off. I fear the batteries are not very powerful … advice? of people using my same motor and my own esc I can foil very easily perhaps using a higher ampere battery.image image image image


This is the test video

“6384 120kv” who is using this motor & flying? what voltage are they using? 10s or higher? what wing? the other parts of your build look amazing ! Nice work with the board .

of people I know are using 6384 with 6s14p. ala cabrinha … thanks for the compliments

Nice work! Was the test full throttle? Seemed like you didn’t have quite enough speed. My big wing needs wing needs about 10mph to get up on the foil and stay up.

Most people seem to be using 12s with a few at 14s. Haven’t heard to many people at 10s.

Hey mate,

I have flown foils on smaller motor and battery setups before BUT it does require a bigger wing.

i would suggest you try a larger front foil and get more lift if you don’t want to change your motor setup.

Also how much power are you drawing at WOT AND what size prop are you running. ?
@ 69 kg your not very heavy so this should not be hard to get out of the water.

Thanks for your suggestions. I have seen some 6s 5000mah 50c lipo … do you think they could go for a test of even a few minutes? if it works I would increase the capacity for a longer duration … 2x 6s = 12s 5000mah

I am planning on using this same setup on 12s but for a paddle.
Any info about the prop? The one I will use D125 with a max force 250N

Hello! I have 5 propellers available but I only tested one … I got help from an expert who made it for me in 3D printing … I can tell you that two blades should be more efficient on this type of engine … go with 12s and try with a small propeller … my complete board to fly weighs 19kg I don’t know about you but if you use a paddle board you should be lighter and go faster!

New board for me


there are a lot of variations called 6384, some which have 20-30% more stator thickness. Where did you buy your motor?

i bought my 6384 on ebay. the seller described it as 120kv and a power of 4600w

Is it a no-name or is it branded?
It’s close to fraud the way something called 6384 can be whatever motor in reality.

This might not be your problem though, finding a well matched propeller is necessary, i tried five different before finding a good one.

unfortunately it does not have a brand but the seller has hundreds of positive feedbacks and so I trusted. my problem is being able to find the right propeller for my configuration … aluminum or reinforced 3d printed? if this motor really had 120 kv, on 12s it should turn approximately around 5,400rpm … based on these parameters which propeller should I put? two blades or three? diameter?

6-7” pitch 100-150mm dia seems to work for many. Two or three blades isn’t key for getting it running well, you need to match the available motor torque with the right size propeller

I think @V_S has been using 6384 and should have a propeller file or recommendation to share.

i am using 63100 :hugs:

Sorry, must’ve remembered incorrectly.
Do you know the thickness of the stator stack for the 63100? where did you buy it? doesn’t seem like there are so many sources when i checked, saite motors on alibaba was what i found.

Now evergthing work!

New front wing 1800cm2
New propeller alu 7 1/4x5
12s lipo
Full trottle 50amp
Max speed 26km/h

Still to be learn to right position on the board
Very happy with my little 6384 outrunner! It’s more powerful than i think.
Thank you everyone for all advice!