6384 Underwater

I have just about finished ordering everything for my build but I want some feedback before I start designing the final mounts and pieces. My motor of choice was the 6384 Flipsky and I was wondering how you guys run yours because I know it’s a pretty popular motor in e foils. I have seen some people cover their stator in some sort of coating and others run theirs completely open. I will only be riding on freshwater reservoirs and lakes so I won’t have to deal with salt water corrosion which may be a factor in deciding how to run it. Anyway, I’m still very much a beginner so I was wondering if I could have some of your thoughts on this.

Thanks, Mac

I used this bearings.
Its Axial and Radial in One.
NX 10x19x18

Only coat the stator thinly with epoxy for cooling.
Fill in the MAGNETIC GAPS with Microballons.
Greetings Frank


very nice thank you

is it plug and play?

Yes, it’s plug and play

Would it resist to sea/salted water with the needles ?

I don’t now…
More grease fill :joy:

Are the microballoons necessary for testing? With the shipping time I might already have my board done and I want to be able to test it out. How long could I go without it being filled.

The Current goes E little Bit bigger.
Better with microballons

Thank you for all the help, just one more question. Since the flipsky motor is sensored and I have a sensor less esc, should I just remove the entire sensor assembly or just let it stay in there

It’s not important :blush:
Greetings frank