6384 waterproofing

hello, I am going to start making the efoil with a 6384 engine.

I have a question before starting, I saw in certain messages that you could use CORROSION X by bathing the engine components in it.

I would like to know if it should be done with the 3 stripped phase outputs?

What other products can I use instead of CORROSION X because I can’t find any in my country, nor Wurth or Crc6-66 marine?

Thanks for your help.

Hi, bathing motor in corrosion x is good for inrunners. the 6384 are outrunners. you need to epoxy the drum and change the bearing to cramics … also this motor 6384 is good for foil assist not so much for efoling …better go with a 63100


Hi. Just a question on the 6384, i have a maytech 6384 waterproof motor. Does this need the epoxy treatment? If so, what resin do you suggest? And do you know if the ceramic bearings are the same in the 6374 and the 6384? Cheers

6384 does not have ceramic bearings.

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