65111 Foil Assist/Efoil

I’m hoping to be able to foil assist but be able to straight efoil if I wanted to. I keep going between the 6384 and 65161 but 65161 seems to heavy for the assist art and not sure about the 6384 for longer flat water efoiling. You think the 65111 can bridge that gap? Thanks!

Otherwise, 63100 is also quite light weight with around one kg and it definitey works for efoiling. I use it for 3 years and reach up to 40km/h.


Which 63100 did you use and what voltage you run at

Alien power Systems :alien:, from Saite, sensorless 140KV. I run it on 12S.
This one without sensor (sensor can also be removed):

How did you attach to mast without mounting holes on one side?

Mine has mounting holes. The one one the picture does not have them on the prop side.
Mine is like this one (too expensive!):

US $268.17 | SAITE Powerful Brushless DC Motor 14S 63100 130KV 4500w for Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

What you think of this one? Is 190kv too much.

Yes, 190kV is too much as it will require a lot of esc current to lift.

I wonder, if you want an efoil / assist then what would be the problem you’re worried about with a 6384? The issue is getting up, not foiling distance. It will never overheat while riding on foil.

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