65151 Best Configuration


need your advise-I’m confused’, what motor configuration to buy?

  1. 12mm or 10mm shaft
  2. A threaded shaft or not
  3. 100KV or 120KV for 12S
  4. Oil sealed or water sealed


Hey Mutai,

Go for the 12mm shaft. This is also the treaded one. Adapting props to this style is much more easy than the new 10mm shaft. About the Kv I bought the 120 but with the standard flipsky prop (suited for the 10mm :joy:) I’m not getting to full speed with the motor. So don’t worry to much about it. The water or oil sealed, are you sure this is an option? As far as I know it’s just a ceramic seal that should last the lifetime of the board. But to be safe you can fill it with some corrosionX.

Thanks, Buddy- Much appreciated!