65161 / 65162 100 KV 120 KV 195 KV same like Flipsky or Maytech

Hello all,
I have left some motors which I wanted to test, but now I have no time.
The motors are all new and never used. They have no branding because they come directly from the manufacturer. They all have the 12mm shaft with 8mm screw.

1x 65161/65162 100 KV → sold
1x 65161/65162 120 KV
1x 65161/65162 195 KV → sold

I think the original price at the moment is about 400 €.
So I hope 350€ is fair?

For the 100 KV I also have a fitting flite prop for 35€.
Also a original propeller and 6" alu prop I have available for the motors.

If there are any questions feel free to PM me.
Additional Shipping from Germany.

BR foiler

Could you post a web site link ?

couldn’t find a reliable website.
You can’t order directly, you need a local dealer in China, if this is your question.

Hello foiler,

I m from Nancy (east of france near germany !!)

Everybody answer is wellcome :do you think I will have the same power with 65161 100 kv and 12S versus 195kv and 6S ?

I’ve done several eskate and to my mind it would be equal ?
nearly Same rpm at 195kv and 22V or 100 kv and 44V no?
I want to copy foil drive assit with big waterproof motor but light 6s power battery…
I hesitate with 80100 outrunner but I doubt about waterproofing it …
Tell me what you think ?

Could you send me some picture of the flite propeller and make me your best offer for one motor, flite propeller and shipping …

on my phone 06 59 31 twenty TWO zero zero

Thanks a lot

You should move this question to newbie question thread I think.

If you’ve done some esk8 you know this isn’t equal. Why would Trampa even bother selling different kv motors for same voltage if this was equal ?
Quick recap : People are going 1- higher voltage for higher rpm and lower current 2- lower kv for higher torque at wheels. what you “feel” on the esk8, efoil or any motorized board is mostly coming from the torque. The higher the torque the better the feeling. But, the higher the RPM the lower the torque at same Power and voltage.
It basically means you need to find a good compromise between torque and shaft speed for your application. Efoil is known for good kv value being between 100 and 140kV. Anything lower or higher can work but would need adjusted propeller to work properly, which for anyone starting isn’t a good solution…
Keep your kv between 100 and 130-140.
If you are lightweight you might want to try 6S, otherwise 12S is working good
Go for an inrunner motor, no hassle keeping it waterproof like an outrunner.


thanks a lot for your answer , you’re right about the torque …

100 & 120 KV still available.
Also Flite prop for 100 kv and 6" & 7" alu prop for 120 KV.
320 € for the motor.

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Hello, I am interested in the 120kv motor. Is it still available ?

yes I have one. Will send you a PM

Is it still avalable?

Best regards Luka