65161 damged motor for sale!

so my 65161 motor was deliverd damaged, but the electronical part is ok. Basically the motor dropped onto the ground and the shaft hit tha back plate. (i got compensated around 250€) Backplate is off and screws need to be replaced. For thoes who have a good machinery and knowlege of DIN and so on it should be no problem to fix this motor. screws ar out at the moment! Minimum € would be (EDIT:180€).


guys i have 5 possible buyers. If you want to have it you need to go higher then the others (180€) :wink:

Damn…I must have misspelled the ebay link and ended up here :wink:


yess im really sorry that wos kinda dumb i said. but waht would you do if 5 guys reach out to you and want the motor?

I think @ Jezza is saying - you put it on ebay with a minimum price starting place

Im selling it for 180€. That’s a very good price and if you want to have it you can buy it for this price.

You sell it to the first guy who contacted you. You set the price!

Shows a lack of character on your behalf.

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I totally admit, I was in a hurry and this wasent a smart move. Problem is I just got a message from dhl, that 110€ of import tax wont be refunded. I already made enough loss with that bad luck I had.

Sure i cant lie that was a stupid move I made.