65161 Efoil preferred battery size

In the process of building a new pack and wondered what most prefer for their battery pack as in voltage? I’m currently experimenting with a 13s pack and seems to have decent power but wondered what others preferred and why just incase there is a better option

14S is what most commercial packs use. Fully charged it’s under 60V, so falls below DC voltage regulations/ best practice.

12S-14S will work fine though.

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Somewhat challenging to define preferred as that is driven by use case variables imo.

A light weight, highly skilled wave foiler, riding a very efficient board/foil/prop/vesc setup compared to a relatively weighty rider new to foiling that is riding a poor choice (for them) board/foil/prop/vesc setup and is only interested in full efoil - high speed, minimal turning, long range riding have quite different requirements from the battery bank.

Most designs have a defined space for the battery so my logic is to keep the S count as low as you need to achieve the type of ride you want. That improves the safety factor and leaves either more room for P count (extending ride time) or matching P count to average ride time to minimize weight by not filling the space.

I use the same motor and a 75200 Vesc. I started with 12S12P 18650 cells and near the end of my season managed to find preconfigured 10S11P packs of 21700 cells. For my type of riding (full efoil,25-30kmh, turny, flat water with now only a few starts per session) In the few sessions I tried before end of season I found no difference in start ability, top speed capability faster than I would want to ride and a session time of over an hour before I quit due to fatigue and still had capacity left before the VESC limit cut in. Some of that performance comes from the 100l Fliteboard, Fliteboard 3 blade prop, Gong V2 mast and their X-over foil that I find has been a great match for my ability level.

Not a very scientific answer but hope it helps you anyway. :grinning: