65161 Folding Propeller

I remixed this propeller made by Robymaker on thingyverse (3 blades propeller for Foil drive assist by RobyMaker - Thingiverse) which he originally designed for the 6384 motor. My remix is not the prettiest so if someone wants to remix it better, I would love to see! Prop blades have to be printed either in a really strong material like polycarbonate, molded, or like I did, PETG then fiberglassed.


Can you provide more detail and/or a link that explains your modifications!

If you go to the thingyverse link above, you can find my modifications on the remix link. Not the best. Trying to learn cad currently so hope to do a better remix eventually


Have you had it out in the wild yet?

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65161 folding prop remix, I’ll give it a try with a carbon coat I think