65161 Motor 3D Model - Feel free to use

Generated a model for the 65161 motor from the drawings on the Flipsky website, please feel free to use it. Let me know if you find any errors and I’ll fix them.


Hobiba don’t produce 65161 for flipsky any longer so are you sure the drawing is of a hobiba motor like the name states?

No idea really. Hobiba was the original supplier as far as I’m aware, I think the current Flipsky unit is manufactured to the same design by another manufacturer now. Feel free to measure it up and confirm if you have one. I will modify the model if there are any errors. It does look like there are 2 versions on the Flipsky website, but the only difference I could see is an extra hole pattern on the front face on the new version, it now has 2 sets of 6 holes (one close to the shafts and one close to the outer housing) and the old has one set. Again, this has just been modeled from the drawings, so may not be perfectly accurate, but might save someone some time starting on a design.