65161 motor direct drive vs SSS 56114 motor with gears

As I’ve been looking through this forum and trying to decide on a motor, I’ve found that the two main motors that have come up were the 65161 motor used as a direct drive or the SSS 56114 motor with a 5:1 gearbox. I’m new to this, and trying to decide which one to get. Any opinions?

For reference:

  • I’m about 90kg (but would like for it to be strong enough for heavier riders too)
  • I’d eventually like to be able to reach ~50 km/h
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If you want to hit those speeds, the first thing you need is a decent foil! Once you got that then motors the next thing.
No one’s hit 50kph on the geared or 65161 that I know of. I’ve hit 38kph on 12s with the 65161 but haven’t had a chance to test it on 14s yet. Hopefully I will in a few weeks time.
If you really wanted to try hit 50kph you could maybe do something no one else has and try the 56124 500kv motor with a neugart 3:1 gearbox. That should give you a faster unit than anyone else.

I am 90kg as well and have also had guys over 100kg ride my board with the 65161 and it went fine.

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My opinion is that it is hard to have the best of both worlds.

You can either build a board that is maneuverable, foils early, can play in surf. Or you can build a go fast race board that is unstable, will not start to foil until very high speeds, and has poor handling.

Like @Jezza said. The foil is the biggest factor with regards to the speed. You must match the foil to the speed range you are looking for.

If you start looking at foils for +25 mph (40kph) you will begin to see the drawbacks.

The foil I use (slingshot infinity 76) begins to foil at 7mph (11kph) and I have done 23mph (37kph) at 70% throttle. I am still tuning and testing, and learning to ride my board. This is plenty fast for me. I have not tried to go any faster yet. I will let you know when I test it at 100% throttle.

My opinion. I think the e-foil board will be the most fun if setup with a good speed range of 7mph-25mph (11kph - 40kph). A wing that is low drag, with good maneuverability.

Not that a purpose built race board wouldn’t be awesome… however, if you had both boards. I don’t think the race board is the board you would choose to ride the most often.


I actually have a board that caters for all of that. My 5ft setup with a high aspect foil means I can foil as low as 1000w power and also foil well over 40kph on 14s battery power. The foil is exceptional in the surf as well as it was initially design for downwind surf foiling. The great thing with the new high aspect foils is that they are both stable and fast at the same time.

What foil is this? I’d like to Google this foil specifications. What top speed did you achieve on this foil?


Also, what is the slowest speed you can stay on foil with this foil?



Thanks so much for getting back to me! Even 40km/h would be great, I’m new to this, but i usually find that I have a need for speed when I get into things like this… do you guys feel like the 65161 motor has enough power to get up to speed with the right foil and propeller setup? Also super curious what foil you are using @Jezza!

I could sit at 16kph and 22A. The foil is the unifoil hyper 170. Top speed was 38kph on 12s.

I’m doing 11kph - 37kph on my wing at no more then 70% throttle. Which is what in the post above I described as a good all around wing.

Your wing is in the same category as what I’m describing. Roughly the same speed range.

The OP is asking about wings that do 50kph. There is a big difference in wings, and handling, and limitations when you go to a wing that can do over 40kph.

Now go to a wing that does 40kph - 50kph and you will see the trade offs of the go fast race wing I described in my last post.

Nothing wrong with a race board if all you’re looking for is going fast in a straight line. Speed comes at a price. It’s a trade off. That’s all I was trying to say.

The wing I’m using is different from the wing @Jezza is using, which is different from the wing Lift is using. But all 3 of these wings fall into the good all around wing category in my opinion.

At the moment I think a wing that has a speed range of 10kph - 40kph is about the limit. It’s this type of wing I’m most interested in. Thin for low drag, high aspect ratio, and turned down wingtips to shift lift back at high speeds. (Of course this is a generalized statement. Total weight, amount of thrust, wind speed, fresh vs salt water…lot of factors! :rofl:)


That’s great insight on using a high aspect wing! Do you guys think that the 65161 motor would behave enough power and torque to achieve speeds near 40km/h? And what ESC would you suggest pairing with that motor? (Price is somewhat of an issue. I’m looking for one that would be sufficient, not necessary anything that’s overkill)

I think on 14s with the right wing you should manage to get to around 43kph.
ESC wise if your budget is not large the flipsky 300A would work with the 65161 and 14s.


Do you guys think the APS 80100 motor is as good as the 65161? It’s a lot cheaper, and I hadn’t really considered it because it’s an outrunner and would need a little extra work, but the extra work/lower cost would probably be worth it to me if it were comparable or better then the 65161.

Both work , the money you save with a 80100 , the last time you will have on the water : take more power to spin the outrunner in the water

People seem to get by with the 63mm outrunners and their drag is a lot smaller than 80100.

If 6384 is 1 then 80100 is close to double drag at 1.92 and that’s only the outside drag.

Hey there! What kv were you using on the 65161 motor (flipsky motor i‘d assume)? And what size prop?
Thanks a lot