65161 motor issue

Ive been working on my diy efoil for some weeks and keep thinking I am done and then encounter another issue. I attempted starting with the 65111 motor but was getting the power I wanted without setting current limits way above their recommended values so I swapped it for a 65161. Have it running with a Flipsky 75100 Pro ESC. My issue is when testing and my current reaches just over 80A, it completely shuts off and doesnt work again unless I cycle the power. Cant figure out my issue. When testing it wtih the 65111 motor, I was able to bring the current up to 120A withouth any issues. I have tried a few different firmware versions and no fix. I thought it could be that I was using the bullet connectors for motor but the seemed to have a good enough connection loaded with solder and a tight fit. Any suggestions? settings below

How are you powering your set up?

If via a BMS it may be over currenting. Power cycling is resetting the BMS, not the VESC.

Didn’t think of that. I would think if I ran 2 different motors at same voltage, and ran them both at 100A motor current, they would be pulling the same battery current but shows how much I know. I am definitely getting a lot more thrust on the 65161 at the same motor current so that could explain it. I am also running 3 blades instead of 2 before. I wonder if I can open up this battery and bypass the BMS for discharge portion and just discharge straight from battery. I could even upgrade the gauge and connector of battery while I’m at it. Don’t remember if I can see what battery current is at when the motor shuts off.

How many battery packs do you have? What were they used for? If you have more than one put them in parallel which will double the current capacity and most likely be ok.

For an efoil 720Wh battery is pretty small.

Check out the latest rctestfight video on YouTube. He goes into the difference between phase current and battery current when testing different toroidal propellors.

Ok. I’ll check it out. I like that channel. Only have one battery. That picture is from the post where I bought it. It’s from an ebike. They run around 100$. Ill see if have space for 2 in my box. The battery is in a waterproof case but might see how difficult it is to open. I would think I could efoil for at least 30 or so minutes with just 1. But I’m sure I’m going to want more once I have it going. I do have a Tesla battery that I salvaged all the cells out of to make a battery for this foil. Just haven’t got to it. Just want to get this thing going.

You need to have a single build log where everyone can help you out. These are not issues with specific parts, but instead configuration issues…


Try setting absolute max current limit to a factor 1.5 higher than max current. Also enable “Slow ABS current limit”.
And if you have a BMS, make sure it’s not used for the discharge path unless you are sure it’s not the issue.

It worked!! Thanks for the suggestion. Bypassed the BMS for discharge and had no issue with it cutting out! Going to buy another and just run them in parallel so I don’t kill this one. Also decided to start working on my Tesla pack. Thinking of making it at least 13S8P maybe more so I can get more amps out of it.