65161 Motor (threaded or splinded?)

Which is more preferred? Threaded or splinded?

I have the threaded version. I think the threaded version is heavily favored because it will be much easier to get propeller options attached. With the splined shaft you will need to get a prop that has the appropriate spline fitted. Or you would have to go messing around trying to press fit a spline into a prop. I’m not sure if any proper efoil props even have this spline option. The main option I’ve seen is the aluminium one Flipsky/others would sell with the motor. This prop has been discussed on the forum quite a bit and doesn’t seem to be very good for efoils. Some people have cut it down and report it works better, but I don’t think that’s worth doing when better options are available.


The wind is turning: MicHobby is now offering a new prop looking like a FR prop with 65161 so other sellers should follow.

@SoEFoil Do you have a link to this product please as I could not locate it?

Having had the pleasure of trying to get warranty from freerchobby on several occasions i don’t recommend them - for anything.

I got my money back purely due to paypal as they tried their best to avoid responsibility.

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My mistake, it wasn’t FreeRCHobby but MicHobby on the Hobiba thread promoting a Maytech motor (obviously praised for not following the Flipsky way):
'Makeup work for the absence of Flipsky version 65161 on DIY market - #13 by ChrisZ
Will you find the “free prop” error ?

  • MTI65162-120-SF thread shaft without propeller: 300usd
  • MTI65162-120-SF thread shaft with free 150mm propeller: 346usd
    The blade surface quality is not exactly the FR one though.

Here 'Maytech Hobbica 65161 65162 Electric DIY Efoil Hydropfoil Surfboard Fu – MICHOBBY.COM
Hobbica / Hobiba: confusing isn’t it ?

This is the link to the prop. I agree “plastic” prop looks pretty rough. I would rather use the cut down aluminum prop created from the too big prop that has been the standard “included” prop

Fliteboard prop is a LOT more refined for the same price.

[OffTopic but…] Wondering about their ESC stated as “160A cont IP68” compatible with the Maytech remote. Would fit nicely above a mast plate box in the @okp style…

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