65161 replacing cables

One of my motor wires (silicon cover) broke exactly where it came out of the mast. Has anyone of you ever tried to change a cable? --> Open Motor and replace it ?

At Flipsky Support they said I can send the engine to China … no info how I can do it by myself…
Of course I have repaired the silicone cover with Plasti Dip and a heat shrink tube, but i think the best is to replace it.

Share some pictures, it’s hard to know how severe your problem is
Edit: if it’s just a minor cut in the silicone insulation then liquid tape/plasti dip + glue lined heat shrink is fine no need to worry.
If I find pictures of this motor disassembly I’ll post them here

no not a minor cut,silicone insulation on one cable is completely demolished…

I wrecked my cable at the top of the mast and at the entry point at the bottom and wire through the mast. Cut, soldered a new wire, heat shrunk, and siliconed to the new wires. Still working great!

Just get some marine silicone put it on and then shrinkwrap over it.
I had all 3 phase wire covers shear when an airline tried their best to destroy mine…
I did as above and it works perfectly.

@Jezza what do you mean by airline?

A company that runs a fleet of airplanes…

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Ah, during shipping you mean


I was flying on an airplane, the motor and mast were in my baggage. The baggage handlers threw my baggage around and somehow the motor pod moved on the mast and sheered the silicone sheath on the cables.

I hope that clears it up…

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Hi @brycej, that looks like a session cut short, sorry to see that. What happened to your mast to board connection? What is the lesson we should learn? Did you have any hd foam or reinforcement under the mast plate?

Lesson learned was to build a board and don’t hit sandbars😁

On that board, i just used plywood and and fiberglassed it and put a sheet of carbon fiber to make the mast mount. If i would have helped to have the carbon fiber more toward the front of the board.

No foam or reinforcement on that board. On my new one i used a track box and a 4 layers of carbon fiber.

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