# 65162 efoil motor propeller(yamaha) 7 1/2*7-BA

Propeller:7 1/2×7-BA; 9 Spline Tooth; 3 blades


The propeller is made by Aluminium Alloy;

corrosion resist;

high strength;

The inner rubber:

The inner rubber sleeve is made of natural wellhead rubber. After hitting an obstacle, the sleeve will not slip.

Aging resist;

it buffers the vibration well to protect the motor.

Weight :280g

365g(package weight)


Blade size:diameter: 190mm/7.5″,length: 45mm


Also Matched with 2/4 power stroke motor and 4/5/6 horse power

It’s very big, I’m editing a similar one now.


@Louis and @Flightjunkie used this prop and they were satisfied

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This prop works. But it’s way too much prop. We tested it on a 10 mile ride. About 1h continuous ride time. And the 400 amp Flier red boat ESC aluminum enclosure was hot to the touch. The water cooling had good flow, and the ESC never thermally shut down, but it was hotter than I would like to see. The ESC doesn’t get that hot with the FR 3 blade prop. I think we’ll probably cut this prop down. I definitely would be careful using it. Don’t do any towing or anything extra load like that. Too much prop under load could potentially burn the motor or ESC.



Prop works good, Original size has so much torque, fun at accelerating but takes a lot of power. I made it smaller to about 140mm. About 1100 watt at 18kmh compared to 900 watt at 18kmh for flying rodeo prop. maybe at higher speeds the difference is bigger.

Can find this propeller here:https://www.gd-hgl.com/collections/efoil-products/products/65162-efoil-motor-propeller-yamaha-7-1-2-7-ba