65162 from china with good looking prop


as im not happy with my 80100 motor setup i want to switch to an waterproof inrunner. But the flipsky + flying rodeo prop is a bit to expensive for me so i looked around and found somethin interesting:

i already talked with that guy and he made me an offer:

383 dollars with shipping and prop

I am defentaly going to order soon and if anyone is intersted of getting one contact me.

What’s the prop? You need to be careful here because if he just slaps a 8$usd prop on it… That’s not a good investment! Edit: if it is the prop pictured on the listing, it is a 8$usd prop!

Ok but I mean it looks better then the maytech one. However I’m still cheaper then the flipsky motor and it 99% it’s the same motor

Seeing as the FR prop doesn’t seem to be available at any price. Can anyone give me the best alternative prop for this motor that doesn’t require a huge amount of modification?

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Do you have this motor?

im assuming its the same as the maytech/flipsky Thats what i have 120Kv, stuck on prop selection now.

But look at the motor shaft

Good spot, I hadn’t looked close enough. Ignore me then

No problem what do you think about this motor?

Personally, As its not really much cheaper than the Flipsky, Ild stick with something tried and tested on this forum. Unless your happy to take one for the team.

But then which prop should I use???

3D printed or Solas has been recommended. Im still at the early stage of my build and asking the same questions. Do you have access to a 3d printer?

Your biggest risk with a motor shaft like that is it only allows you to use those props. The motor shaft Flipsky uses allows you to use many different DIY and even the FR prop.

yes i know but the good thing is, that this shaft front “thing” is standard for nearly every prop and so i can buy regular boat props.

But we already know that regular boat props are not correct for this purpose so that would be like banging your head into a wall repeatedly…

but if i would buy the flipsky i wouldnt have any prop for it becasue flying rodeo is too busy and to expensive.

So im stuck some say its good and i should go for it and some say its worse because boatprops arent made for efoils

Can you 3D print a prop? If so then there are props available.

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yes i can but i dont want to and otherwise i simply can design the prop for this motor shaft.

so lets focus on the motor good or not ?

What we’re saying is, the motor is likely to be the same. But to save a few dollars, is it worth the risk.

When the STL files of other props tried and tested are shared freely.

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yes your right but im still unsure what to do