65162 motor kV and efficiency

I checked alibaba for the cheapest 65162 and found several with the same spec sheet for kV 100/120/195

interesting is that the wires are noted. I compared copper weights for the three and it turns out that it’s 5% more copper in the 100kV motor than the 120kV motor and 21% more in the 100kV motor than the 195kV!
That means that the 195kV motor is not well filled and will be less efficient than the other two.

Between the 100 and 120kV and the 5%: unfortunately a lot of the copper in these motors is in wire transits so the difference in motor performance will not be big. The 100kV will have a benefit of being possible to create some percent (i guess about 1%) higher continuous power than the 120kV motor.