65162 vs 65161 which better

Hello guys,
Please help me in motor questions. I’m expected to spent in my first build ~200$ usd for motor.
I’m struggling to buy 6516* motor

As I understand for this moment I need motor with 100-120KV and the torque should be some number, and etc.

To reach 100-120KV I need outrunner motor and some gear reduction.
For example, I like Anatoly’s build
I didn’t find the same motor on bangood, but similar and this the same price 360kv

Gear reduction in our country I could find used for 2$ and new for 10$.
153$ motor + 10$ reduction + some spare parts and even resin to isolate it ~ 200$

The second - plug&play(?) waterproofed (?) motors. They don’t require gear, but most expensive. But as I see specs such motor require more high current.
I have found that currently there are few popular motors 65162/65161 etc.

Price for 65162 ~400-450$ and there is high probability that I’ll need to pay ~+100$ customs fee if they found my package :slight_smile:
Price for 65161 100KV/120KV - ~270$ Nice price?

What the difference between 65161 vs 65162 except mentioned in quote, and should I overpay for this difference more than 150$ usd?

What better 65161 120kv or 100kv? On related topics mentioned that 120kv will be better (?)


  • ESC: Flipsky High Current FSESC 200A 60V ESC base on VESC6
  • battery: 36/48v battery. Based on 6000mAh 35A/50A LifePO4
  • water: fresh water or less than 18g salt per liter
  • rider: 78-84kg depends on mood
  • board: in process 180-60-10cm/160-60-10cm, XPS, fiberglass
  • wings and mast: selecting between GONG or RlBoards etc
  • expectations: low speed to fly over water, chill cruise, low stress on batteries