65XXX motor with low KV 50-70?

Hi, locking for a low kv 65XXX motor for direct drive kayak motor. Dosent need 3000 RPM and 20 knots. So a slower and larger propeller for 5 knots will be more efficiant.

Can only find 65XXX motors in 100KV+ range.


The 100kv motor is actually closer to a 95kv motor. Just use a lower voltage and you’ll have a lower speed.

Yes, but my battery is 12S/48V. So the amp draw on 12/24V is to high.

This motor with a 2:1 gear … ? :grimacing:

It will work, but hassle to get a gear to work. Have contacted maytech and they can deliver custom KV. But the “situation” in the world, it will take 30-45 days.

I would say just make an order, I struggle with this all the time, I procrastinate and overthink stuff and so 2 months go by and then I regret not ordering what I needed, cause it could have been arrived already.
Time flies, if you know that it’s something you NEED, just order.

Yes, that what i also do. But i wanted to use 1 day to try to find one before get a custom kv one.

Will not be much load on the motor, you probably need less than 1000w to achieve that speed on a kayak!

Both 100 and 120kv are the most popular, you can just use a simple RC 6s Li-Po, (instead of 12s hydrofoil traditional system) you would also be able to use the same motor on a e-foil in the future, don’t be too hard on yourself, I would take the 120kv.

I have built a large 48V 4kWH battery and have a small trolling motor, only 500W the kayak goes about 6 knots. But want to try 1000W+ and maybe 8-10 knots.

Reachertech do an 80kv 65161.