6S 42Ah LiNiMnCoO2 batteries for sale


After a very successful spring and summer I decided to build a couple of extra battery packs based on the LiNiMnCoO2, or NMC, cells from SK Innovation. These cells are built for the electric car industry and the quality is outstanding.

Each cells is approx. 42Ah and follow the same charge/discharge pattern as a LiPo-cell. I’ve used the SkyRC 1080 charger (20A) with great success.

he cells are very good at delivering high amps without generating heat, I’ve done a 32 minute foiling session with my Hiorth/Gong Medium-setup, and the packs were not even lukewarm. According to the SkyRC-charger there was 35% left in the battery after that run.

The packs come in 6S1P configuration and the following specs:

Length: 360mm

Width: 130mm

Height: 65mm

Weight: 5100grams

150mm 8 awg silicone wires for connection to esc. (No connectors)

JST-HX connector for balancing.

3D-printed frame in PLA-E.

Reinforced rubber matt, Shore 70, on both top and bottom.

Black shrink-warp.

Because of the low height it is possible to install the packs in a thin board. Packs shall be installed on a flat surface. Keep the pack away from sharp items, just as you would with a regular Lipo-pack.

Example of installation:


I use EPDM rubber strips on the bottom, sides and on the inside of the lid, to keep the packs from moving.

Using two packs enables you to have a support for the lid in between the packs.

As with Lipo’s it is highly recommended to use the storage profile when charging if batteries will not be used for a longer period.

The price for a 12S setup, two 6S, is 700 Euro plus shipping. Estimated delivery, november/december 2019. Shipping is difficult, I know that others on the forum have successfully used GLS to ship within europe but GLS uses dbschenker as a partner in Sweden and dbschenker does not ship batteries.

It might be that you can arrange a pickup by GLS from your country, within Europe.

Pickup in Stockholm is the best option for now.

Send me an email if you are interested.



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