6s12p Battery Question


I need some help! I’ve been building a foil the last year, Started with a geared setup and changed to Flipsky 120kv and 200amp VESC. I’ve purchased 144 Samsung 25R batteries and I plan to build 2 - 6S12p packs and charge with a Hobby Balance charger. My question is about the nickel strip. For the amount of current that a foil will need will .15 by 18.35mm be enough between cells (in a honeycomb format) and .30 by 18mm for the positive and negative sides? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Dan

You can double/triple up the strip on the bus bar side. I split my 144 cells into 3 packs because of my hatch size.

See below.

I used 3 strips In places where most current would flow.

I use a ISDT T8 balance charger supplied with 2 parallel HP server power supply’s.

It’s a cheap and robust charging solution.