70141 / 70131 waterproof motors


A diffferent design from Reacher/Maytech/ with 10mm shaft.
Found in the specs: : * Applicable People: MEN So you are warned :wink:

I don’t know what this means:
* powerful: Peak at 15KW and last for Maximum 8KW

175KV: for the prop-shop.co.uk cleaver ?

The prop fairing seems forgotten (short shaft 51mm instead of 63mm).

That’s made by freerchobby and is similar to the red version. Just a different KV.

Be careful with this company! Bought a thruster from them this spring and the values they tell you are way different from what are the real values…! Take about half power of that what they tell you and it might be true;-)

Here it is direct from them for $280. MP70141 15kw Waterproof Inrunner DC Brushless Motor for E-foil Jetboar – Dongguan Freerchobby Co.,Ltd

As someone tested this motor ?
Got the 70131 10 poles
70141 14 poles
Can be good (?)

But they have a 56 with 9 poles ???

I would never trust any of the information they put there without a picture of the inside of one of their motor. 56mm with 9 poles and then they would have made 10 and 14 poles motor ?
Pretty sure none of their motor have more than 6 poles like Reachertech / maytech,…

Don’t Know but on this pic there is 18 slots on the 56mm


Freerchobby have a real manufacturing know-how. This 14 pole motor looks promising. The 120kv 70141 motor volume is only 3% bigger than that of a 65160 and seem to pack a lot more power (15 kw peak / 8 KW rated ) and torque too. Difficult to say anything about this motor performance but the design is closer to FR’s than a 65160 from ReacherTech.
Who’s going to buy it first ?

For 250usd (sample price), starting from 100kv, FreeRcHobby also offer a 10 pole / 12 slot 70131 with 12.5 K peak and 6.5 kw rated powers

For 140USD (MOQ 5), they offer a non waterproof but small and powerful 56 x 115mm 100kv motor (12.5 peak and 6.5 KW cont power) 18 stator slots (like Flying Rodeo) and 9 rotor poles:

That’s right, they have 18 slots on the rotor. I saw this too. I think they use exactly the same stator as the sss 56 series which packs 18 slots, hence the same number. But, what about the rotor ?
I haven’t seen any pic of it, I can’t trust 9, 10 or even 14 poles without seeing the rotor…

Definitely not the same stator. The 56mm motor has an external stator dimension of ±52mm and the 70mm motor has the external stator dimension of 66mm.
The main problem is that they haven’t changed the design of the stator combination. That’s where the FR motor is so good. All one of these companies actually need to do is buy one and clone it. But who knows why they haven’t done that…

I was speaking about their 56mm diameter motor. Of course the 70mm diameter would have a larger stator. I measured the stator diameter of my sss and it was 53mm.
It’s not that easy to clone it. Actually there is nothing to clone, if you make a motor study for 18 slots you know you have the best performance / efficiency with 16 poles. The fact is that making such a rotor is expensive, cloning it is also expensive, which means they won’t be able to sell it a good price event if they make thousands units of it…

Look like 9


Was it a freerchobby motor ? I tried to find this motor back but did not succeed. Interesting, thanks !

Don’t just took the pics on another post , this 56 came from aps but it looks just renamed

This one was 8 poles according to original post and is a different motor from the freerchobby. It was supposed to be a 53112. I have no idea where we can buy this motor tbh…

It’s really waterproofed or corrosionX should be applied like on 65161?

I have the MP70131 and it as 10 Poles, works the finest.

With which propeller ? Would you have any picture of your foil with it t ? Did you have the opportunity to do some data logging or comparison with a 6515x Reacher Tech motor (Flipsky/Maytech) ?

No haven’t opened it up :frowning:

Would you measure your rpm drop when shaft loaded ? This would give us an idea of the available torque. What prop did you use too ?
Thanks !