72 124 waterproof motor 12 slot 10 poles. Available for testing!

For me 110kv would be good!

you know that kV is irrelevant if you match the phase current to the higher kV, right?
torque out for kV(120) * current (Y) = kV (130) * current (1,08*Y) etc.

One might run into issues with too low controller output at too high kV but when discussing low numbers like 120 vs 130 kV it really doesn’t matter so much.

I have sent PM’s to everyone interested in the motor! If you are interested in my motor and haven’t received a message from me please send a PM.

Another test video:


What’s your test setup ? Still running 16s ? Do you happen to know what your max shaft rpm is when riding ?
What’s the max throttle you pushed your system so far ? Top speed ?

Yes still running 16S because I use a small 110mm prop but with 6 blades. As you can see in VESC sweep video the loaded rpm is 20000erpm/5polepairs = 4000rpm @ 95% duty.

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Nice ! A link to this prop ?

Have fun and report your results!

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Haha, russian submarine prop

Everyone ordering a 72 124 motor Please respond until 08-07 (this friday). The manufacturing order will be placed and no additional motors will be available in this run.

I’m in. :smiley:
I’d like to hear more on how many others bought a motor and who you are?
please reply in this thread. I’d like to compare experiences when it’s delivered :+1:

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Ok This run is finalised! 8 motors in total will be coming my way in a month from today(if the manufacturer manages to stick to the leed time). Can’t wait for all of us to test them on our different setups!


Updated wire outlet and added additional screws. Mounts on 4 m8 bolts


Great! When will you get next feedback from the motor company on the progress?

I’ll ask for an update on Monday.

Well I got the reply early :slight_smile: this is for people who have not been dealing with Chinese companies:
“Hi The accessory drawing is well designed and ready to make accessories. They are all in progress.”
Translation to non Chinese people:
Everything seems to be on track for now :slight_smile:

:grinning: that’s… I’ve gotten similar answers, you always hope it means something in the end :smiley:

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Usually, one needs to convert such reassuring words into a shipping date. A commitment date is what you need today.

Update from the manufacturer in typical chinese style:

“It can be sent before September 10”

OK, let’s see then. At least a fixed date :grinning: