75100 and Maytech Remote - telemetry and BLT module problems

Another problem :slight_smile:

I have a Maytech remote E surf and RX1 TX1 Telemtrie from 75100 connected. Everything has worked. Display of V and A is really helpful.

Now I got me from Flipsky the bluetooth module, connected to RX2 TX2 and already the engine jerks ;-(.

BLT works, telemetry also, but so it is not drivable.

Then I disconnected the telemtrie RX1 and TX1 and then the engine ran again. BLT provides data and the controller can also be programmed.

But now it becomes curious! If I now pull off the BLT and make again the telemetry to RX1 and TX1 ran, the engine still jerks. If I make everything off everything goes again. Ok, then I thought I just make Batt+ for the V dran. But that alone is now already enough that the engine jerks.

I have made another post with the 6374 FOC problem, can it even be that the receiver is the problem?

something like that really costs you hours!

Have already ordered a new receiver and will report.


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