75100 Vesc shuts down when prop comes out of water

have my DIY foildrive successfully assembled and now a problem configuring the controller. Whenever I come to foil and the prop leaves the water and suddenly turns empty without load, the controller shuts down jerkily. Only after 10-15 seconds I can throttle again.

Under full load I log about 95A, 65 degrees and about 2800-3000 watts. As long as the prop remains under water, I can even give full throttle for a long time without the regulator switches off.

What have I missed in the programming? Help would be great…

Thanks olli

Whats the ABS_MAX_CURRENT set to?
Have a look at the video here: https://youtu.be/QaVPISP8BF4?si=xOEbfIJ6NC6_7L35&t=327

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What does ABS mean? I use duty circle for throttle. Is this maybe wrong?

A few questions from seeing the instagram video, if you allow me:
Is it a Gong downwind board?
Do you care about motor cable connector waterproofness? How did you do the gland - just glued the female connector there?
Do you have a link for these straps that hold the box?
How did you connect the printed box holder to the board?

ABSolute Maximum Current
As can be seen / is explained in the video, the absolute maximum current needs to be 20 to 50% higher than the motor current.

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Coming back from Denmark I found out that in salted water I need isolate the plugs :slight_smile:

Abs. Current is higher, doesn’t solve the problem :see_no_evil:

U can fin the straps on Amazon, it’s made for bicycles.

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ABSolute Max. Current was the key! But you have to insert about 100A more then Current Max.