75200 Pro VESC - Power Cycle Woes

Hey all! I’ve JUST finished building my foil (build thread coming soon) and have run into problems with my VESC dying during detection.

Using VESC Tool I run the FOC motor detection and, as soon as the current starts to ramp up the detection fails and the VESC turns off, disconnecting from VESC Tool.

Any idea where to start?

The same happened to me when I wanted to perform the detection with a laboratory power supply. The current is insufficient and detection fails.

I don’t imagine that’s the case…I’m running a 16s9p - should comfortably deliver ~100a. Definitely something to consider though. I’ll try another supply!

It’s probably the usb cable being too close, and running parallel to the motor phase cables. This will induce voltage and noise in the serial data resulting in a dropped connection.

Seperate as much as possible and retry.

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