75V 300A watercooled VESC

Stumbled across this today: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/16S-75V-300A-Vesc-waterproof-watercooled_1600101281176.html?spm=a2700.galleryofferlist.normal_offer.d_title.89c34cc6HHI13O

Might help all those that want watercooling…


It’s sold by freerchobby. They usually have no idea what they are selling…

Yes, certainly seems like it, selling a non- water cooled ”water cooled” controller

They’re actually a manufacturer, not a reseller. They do all the APS motors.
All the vesc’s from China are coming out the same factory at the moment…

That’s a non watercooled version of it…

Yes, i know. But the advertised price is probably for the non water-cooled ESC and you have to specify you want water cooling to get it. It’s kind of chinese but i can already see all the frustrated customers who don’t read the text properly and get an unprotected controller


Has anyone tried one of these? I contacted the supplier and it is $10 more for the waterproof & watercooling vesc

Could you ask pictures of this waterproof ESC with watercooling ?

In fact, I was wondering if the presence of two pairs of barbs on your initial link (Alibaba) make this ESC waterproof. Are visible caps compatible with waterproofness ?

I suspect they will most likely coat it in something (the usual way) to pretend its waterproof. In reality I would buy the water-cooled, non waterproof version and then rather waterproof it myself. That way I know I could trust it…

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I’ll post pictures if they send me some. I was told that it will come in a waterproof case (dimensions 130mm x 76mm x 14mm)

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Hello, did you ever receive pictures?