75V 300A watercooled VESC

Stumbled across this today: 16s 75v 300a Vesc Controller Waterproof Watercooled For Electric Motorcycle Efoil Bldc Motor - Buy 16s 75v 300a Vesc Waterproof Watercooled Electric Motorcycle Efoil Bldc Controller,Waterproof Watercooled Electric Motorcycle Efoil Bldc Controller,Watercooled Electric Motorcycle Efoil Bldc Controller Product on Alibaba.com

Might help all those that want watercooling…


It’s sold by freerchobby. They usually have no idea what they are selling…

Yes, certainly seems like it, selling a non- water cooled ”water cooled” controller

They’re actually a manufacturer, not a reseller. They do all the APS motors.
All the vesc’s from China are coming out the same factory at the moment…

That’s a non watercooled version of it…

Yes, i know. But the advertised price is probably for the non water-cooled ESC and you have to specify you want water cooling to get it. It’s kind of chinese but i can already see all the frustrated customers who don’t read the text properly and get an unprotected controller


Has anyone tried one of these? I contacted the supplier and it is $10 more for the waterproof & watercooling vesc

Could you ask pictures of this waterproof ESC with watercooling ?

In fact, I was wondering if the presence of two pairs of barbs on your initial link (Alibaba) make this ESC waterproof. Are visible caps compatible with waterproofness ?

I suspect they will most likely coat it in something (the usual way) to pretend its waterproof. In reality I would buy the water-cooled, non waterproof version and then rather waterproof it myself. That way I know I could trust it…

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I’ll post pictures if they send me some. I was told that it will come in a waterproof case (dimensions 130mm x 76mm x 14mm)

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Hello, did you ever receive pictures?