7S LifePo4 on a ESC rated for 6S?

Don’t know much about electronics so her a stupid question:)

Will be running dual motors(6384 120KV) on my very low tech E surf project. Will use 2 of these 150A ESCs: http://www.flycolor.net/index.php?c=category&id=149
As will use LiFePO4 32700 batteries with lower nominal voltage than Lithium ion, wonder would this ESC work with 7S LiFePO4? Max voltage for 7*LiFePO4 is about 25,5V and for Lithium ion about 25,2V ? For me it looks like should be OK, the ESC should identify based om voltage the batteries to 6S, but as said, don’t know enough to be sure.

Only part missing now is the BMS so need to know should i buy a 7S or 6S, they are harder to find for LiFePO4. Thanks for Your input on this!