8 or 10 gauge wire to your motor?

What wire size are you running between your ESC and your motor - 8 or 10 gauge?

And between your batteries and your ESC?


I use 10 gauge for both, just because it is cheaper and easier to buy in long lengths. 8 gauge is more ideal in my opinion as the 10 gauge can get a bit warm especially on the motor side where the current is higher…

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the lower gauge the better. we use 6 and 8 gauge. only problem with lower guage is it becomes harder to use ( hard to solder, hard to bend, hard to pull trough your mast.)

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Thanks Hiorth. Looks like the wires coming off the motor (SSS 56104) and the esc (Seaking 130) are no larger than 10 gauge. So am I correct in assuming using 8 gauge wire to between them does not gain any advantage since they would terminate at 10 gauge wires on both ends?

yes it is not ideal to have the transition between 12-8 awg from the ESC and motor. Wires will get hot if you are using large battery’s and riding for up to 1.5 hours at a time. Picture is from riding with 12 awg from motor to ESC. On our other board we have disorder the wires on the ESC(SEAKING i thing 12AWG) and changed them to 8AWG, can be a bit tricky you need a high-powered solder iron and low melt point solder.

running the phase wires to motor wet will also help as they are cooled from water.

having hot wires is fine as long as they do not melt the insulation or melt something else and keep in mind the insulator will degrade faster when hot, and keep in mind it is very important to do a proper soldering job. You may also want to consider doing crimping instead it is easier with lower AWG wire.

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Thanks very much. Yes, planning to go 100% crimp. Only if necessary high-melt-point silver solder where I cannot crimp. Love the idea about the wet wires!