80100 build from Hungary

Hi, my build is since last week in the finish.
The base was Mat’s KISS build. A lot of thanks for it.
Motor: 80100 130kv
Esc: flier 400A
Battery: custom 12S20P (Samsung 25r)
Foil: gong foil (xl)
Remote: maytech
Board: custom build (210*80)

I had last week some leakage, now I have to solve this. The propguard, which you see on the picture, is a mistake. It reduces the thrust so much, that the board didn’t fly. I removed this, and the whole thong becomed a beast. Start foil on 60% throttle.
The other thing is the synclost of the ESC. I have to raise the timing to 15-20°. We will see.


Can you show some closer pictures of your enclosure area? Is that plexiglass strong enough to support a human or does it flex under pressure?

The compartment is now under constructon, becouse the leakage, but after I done it, I will upload some pictures of it. The cover is the 8’’ one (260mm).
The battery bay is covered with 4mm plexi, and it is supported under by the battery itself. How? I ordered a small precut sup foam, which is 10cm thick, the battery is covered by silicone (9cm thick) and the bottom of the bay is reinforced with 8mm plywood. It is strong, but the plexi is sharp, even if it’s rounded a bit, so the whole board will be covered with 7mm deckpad.


Very Nice. You could foil but you also had sync timing problems. That happened at foiling speed? That round boat hatch are those waterproof?

This round hatch is not 100% waterproof, it has burrs on the nut surface.
I had syncproblem above 80% throttle…

Ok. Are you going to waterproof the round hatch? And i see you have the 130kv motor. Maybe you need less pitch prop now? I wonder what happen now with different timing settings

Now I can say, that it works. Round hatch is everything but waterproof. Cost me this experience one switching electronic…
Timing can set to 25°, and this works. I have to mount a paddle on the front and have to buy a good safety vest becouse of the regulations in Hungary. But: last weekend I start to foil! It is a unique feeling!:grin:
My top speed was 31km/h and the battery last for a bit more than 1 hour (37Ah used).


Hi, where did you order it from ?

Hi Attila, it’s from http://www.iceblanks.com/de/.

How do you plan on waterproofing the round hatch? I also have one of these and it is also not waterproof. For now, I sealed it with silicone but I would like to use it so I can charge easily. Let me know! I was thinking maybe another o-ring or silicone strip that would compress when you tighten it.

Hallo, I get rid of this round hatch, becouse it was far from waterproof. The biggest problem was the line of the 2 pcs mould. There is nearly impossible to seal it well. The next problem by my build was, that my feet was during start on top of it. So it was always deformed a bit, and sucked a bit of water. Now I use an alu box. It is rocksolid, but you need a screwdriwer to open it.

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Will try this type put over to a alu box.
Nuova rade Standard Inspection Detachable Cover White | Waveinn.

This year we jump to 65150 120kv motor, vesc 75/300 and to a shorter board. The configuration is very good, but the remotes are junk. I’m waiting now for Vincents new remote!

Your video is not avalable