80100 Build from Netherlands

hey guys,
i want to make a e foil board this summer, the plan is to make a lift look a like board. but i dont have the biggest budget ever around 2000 euro (I make 3.88 euros a hour as a 17 year old so dont have 10k just laying around :stuck_out_tongue: )

the board:

  • Foil: not sure yet
  • Motor 80100 out runner 80kv direct drive
  • Board: diy
  • battery: 16s10p vtc6

this should be all, am i forgetting any thing?

any tips would help :slight_smile:

btw dose any one have a 3d model of the lift board?

Best regards

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Hey Gijs. Welcome. I’m also a builder from NL.
Hope you make the budget. I had the same but didn’t manage :wink:
Wrt the battery, don’t know when you want to start but I want to make a 18650 pack if my board holds nicely next month or 2 on Lipo’s. Maybe we can share some purchases to save on postage?? I’m planning a BMS charge only setup.

I have the same display and find it quite hard to read in the sunlight.

Cant help you with the board. I converted an old windsurf board, which took the most work to complete in this whole project.

Good luck

Hey Marc,
cool to see some other dutch builder :stuck_out_tongue: i am planning on ordering this week, the 18650 cells are from nkon, if we would order 300pc the cells can be 15 cents cheaper a piece, on my 160 battery’s that’s a 24 euro saving (open for it if its not a big hassle), personally i don’t like charge only bms’s that,s why the 300A smart bms (free shipping)

The display is purely for charging, wont go inside the foil
here is a ruff sketch of what goes where

wil start 3d modeling soon
btw why did u go with the 56104 gear drive?

Best regards

Hi i’m also from NL
am looking for a direct drive inrunner so if someone has already built one I would love to hear it.
and a part list is help full :slight_smile:
difficult to find people who have done it already (inrunner direkt drive)

(when we have finished it, we can all go sailing together one time :slight_smile:

It is very difficult (impossible ?) as the 2 following motors are being tested. Even if their power look different, they might come from the same manufacturer btw…:
Maytech MTI-65162-100 = inrunner 100KV 5KW motor,
Reacher Tech D65L161-100 = inrunner 100KV 6KW motor
There’s an ongoing group-by survey for a noname 63150.
Hopefully, there will be some good news before the end of the month :crossed_fingers:

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Sounds like a plan :stuck_out_tongue:
any reason to go witch direct in runner ?

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less rotating parts = less chance of defects.
and keeps it simple :stuck_out_tongue:
so if there is an inrunner with enough torque and the right kv that will be my first choice
so now the question is.

  • what is the minimum torque required? (

  • and kv ? (100kv )?

  • voltage accu? (12s?)

oudrunner yes it works but a lot of maintenance

THat comes quick, perhaps a bit too quick for me. Sofar only once in the water so want to test a bit more.

Looking nice, are you planning to build your own hatch?

When I started about a year ago I just wanted to follow a sort of proven setup and there was already a lot of reference projects to learn from. I can always change if I want to, lets see how it goes :slight_smile:
Just got my flier ESC in the mail after a hickup with my previous ESC. Hope to fly again next week.

My setup will be:
Maytech waterproof direkt drive MTI-65162-100 = inrunner 100KV 5KW motor, will get it on 20 July.
Maytech 300A water proof 300A controller, will get it on 20 July together with motor
with Maytech water proof remote control bought in May.

Lets see how it proves.


Hey Dave!

I’m building an e-foil together with Thomas, we are very interested in your research that led to choosing a direct drive system with the maytech. Are you gonna run it with 12s? Or higher voltage with a high rpm propeller. We wanted to use the almost same reacher motor (or get maytech to match price a bit) together with a pasificmeister 3d print propeller, however still very unsure if it has enough torque.

Kind regards,
Hylke & Tom

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What did you pay for the maytech motor if you don’t mind me asking?

yea, just some cnc’t plexiglas

a understand now, lookt in to building foils 2 years ago back then only 56*** gear setups where a thing

trust me inrunners will be the same :stuck_out_tongue:

(btw guys can we keep it on topic :confused: )

doing all the 3d modeling now!

Battery box


Looks great, what you plan on making it from?

black part just 3d printed pla, top part plexiglas, rest is all store bought

Are you planning on selling these? Looks epic.

Not rly, will make everything downloadable at the end of the project. My intention is not on selling them😁

You’ll need to coat the PLA in epoxy if you want it waterproof.
I was going to do something similar but CNC the enclosure from something solid instead.

yea i know i will, its printed in 100% pla so its not that needed but still

All my 100% infill parts have leaked. Granted not a lot but they still have. My drive unit is now milled in a combination of aluminium and acetal (delrin).