80100 build... Motor or ESC not working... Troubleshooting

Hello everyone,

I just finished soldering all the connectors for my build and I powered on my whole system for the first time.

It turns out that my motor doesn’t spin but it beeps. My remote control pairs with its receiver and it is connected to the ESC. The ESC is getting power from the battery pack and there is also current getting to the motor because it beeps quite a lot. Do you guys have any idea what it could be? Maybe my ESC is programmed wrong or maybe it doesn’t work?

Hey, I believe the timing monitor makes the motor beep, you can turn this off.
I turned this off and now mine only beeps when the signal from the receiver is not connected so you may want try this and check those connections.

Also the ESC “brains” gets power from the receiver, not battery directly (opto isolated) so ensure a 5v power is getting to the esc.

Maybe show us a picture of the wiring?

Set the battery cells to ‘auto’ instead of ‘14s’ and you’ll be sweet

put the timing at 20-25

The motor spinned for the first time!!! But it only spinned the first time I try the throttle after connecting the remote control. So let’s say I give it some power… It works then I stop and when I want to give it power again… Nothing. If I turn the remote off and then back on, it works for one time again then nothing.

Hi, see the above response and here is a pic of the wiring.

Alright so after more testing, the motor only spins for a couple of turns the first time I give throttle after I synched the remote. It also looks like I would be going backwards as it spins counterclockwise… Can I program it to spin the other way?

This is how my ESC is currently programmed.

The motor turns counterclockwise from this angle (going towards left hand side). Let me know if any of you might know why this problem is happening.

Just switch 2 of the 3 wires to change rotation

Thanks for the tip… now I will be going forward lol! However, the same problem occurs and the motor only spins for 1-2sec before stopping and not restarting unless I power off the remote.

Is there any chance your receiver is browning out when the motor starts drawing power? Perhaps test using a separate small battery?

I’m having very similar issues with the Flier 400a. The best I can do is rotate at very small revs and as soon as the Motor pulls more than 20mA it shuts down. I’ve been assuming the frequency of my controller (arduino build) isn’t correct. What controller are you using?

I’m using the same controller as you… See above for a picture of my set up. My BMS Screen says the motor pulls 3ah for like half a second then shuts down. What remote are you using?

It could be! Unfortunately I do not have a smaller battery to test it on. Could it be a bad connection so the motor doesn’t handle the amperage? This wouldn’t explain why the remote control doesn’t work after one try though… What would be the solution if my receiver cuts off when the motor draws power?

I don’t use flier esc but you can try : start power : 30…
set point to automatic , this means the esc had to learn the end point of max throttle , with some esc I add to press the trigger to the max , then power the esc , then release ( and sometimes the same for reverse ) , the esc learned the end points of the remonte , then I could start spinning the motor …
one change at the time …

For end point : you can try 1.2 and 2.0ms , meaning at 1.2 if the motor is running then you put 1.1 or 1.0ms
And 2.0ms if you don’t get full speed : 2.1ms or you get full speed before the end when pulling the trigger you set to 1.9…

I think as the remote needs resetting it’s likely to be a problem with the receiver. Typically the flier esc’s run for a few seconds after loosing signal from the receiver so I’m guessing every time the motor starts it’s killing the receiver somehow. Then the ESC shuts the motor down a few seconds later.
If this is the case then a small 48v? to 5v circuit on the main battery outputs to power the radio may solve it.
Is difficult to see how you’ve wired it all up as there are a few smaller wires disappearing into the battery block.
But testing with a separate power source first would confirm.

The receiver is already powered by the main battery through a step down converter. The flier 400a itself doesn’t provide power to the receiver. Edit: and the receiver is always on (LED light) and the remote stays connected with it… But the signal doesn’t go through have one attempt.

I will try to have the ESC learn the throttle. If not, you are suggesting that I should enter the data manually in the program?

Yes , you would have automatic and a couple of preset values to try , if it is that problem

I had the same problem after trying to re calibrate the throttle on the beach…
not sure what went wrong. As I had no computer with me to re-program it, I kept trying to re calibrate by holding the throttle to the max, then powering the ESC, wait for the long beep, then release the throttle and hope for the best. After a couple tries, it went back to working good. I’m not 100% sure, but i think the normal procedure calls for holding reverse to the max, which we don’t use, but that might confuse the ESC.

Also, to help troubleshooting, you can try unplugging everything else and use a USB powerbank and a cutoff USB cable to power your receiver.

Alright so I tried on automatic with the throttle at the max position then the motor started spinning like crazy and I was able to play with it up and down but then when I stopped and try to restart …it wouldn’t… Then I tried preset at 15 and 30% and I was able to start from 0 throttle to the max and play with it but as soon as I let go of the throttle… it doesn’t start again unless I power off the remote and power it on again. So now I can have the motor run as long as I want until I let go of the throttle… I feel like the ESC is preventing signal from my remote after one try! The remote is still paired with the receiver but nothing happens unless I pair it again. I will try a couple more things but let me know how I could fix this