80100 for SALE good price


As I’m switching to an flipsky motor I want to sell my 80100 alien power motor. The motor shaft is cut and the motor was used about 5 times in water.

I didn’t coat the stator, but after every ride I bathed it in corosion X. Stator looks fine
If you want the final price and some picture dm me

Make a picture, please
Greetings Frank

sure PM me please for further details!


Still for sale low price

Still for sale for 130€ + shipping

Hi, my name is Tine, coming from Slovenia…

Please, let me know what is the KV of motor and if motor shaft was damaged at propeller duct casing accident ( I saw it was broken on photo…)

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Motot shaft was not damaged. Runs like a cat. Only outside wos scratched.
Kv is 120
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Sold sold sold sold sold.

Hi GUYS I’m thinking about the engine, flipsky 80100, for a flying Board it’s easier to buy with delivery.DO YOU THINK THIS WILL WORK, I CAN’T FIND BRANCHES WITH INFORMATION ?