80100 motorised windsurf board

Hi members,
I’m Peter from Hungary. I want to share wit you my project for 2019.
My goal would be to build a “motor add on” for windsurfboards. I want to build such a kit, which everyone can easily mount on his own board.
Thats where I’m right now:


Hi @jezypeti. It looks great! Did you test it? What is your setup? Are you willing to sell this fin motor mount?

Hi, thank you.
The parts are the follow:
80100 130kv
flier 400A 22S
albright contactor
30A relay (precharges the capacitors)
150A fuse
120A antispark switch (it controls only the low voltage circuit and contactor+relay)
500A TF03 amp meter
5V small waterpump
Timing relay for contactor (due to precharge)
Bec for relay and contactor 12V
Bec for water pump 5V
Bec for remote (it can be set between 5-9V)
Cheepo 40$ waterproof remote (coated in plastidip by me)
Kill switch
3D printed boxes for the electronic parts
And the peli 1500 case

We have now ice on our lakes, but in 2 months I have to test it. (First with 12S 16Ah LiPo)
The fin is only beta, but I know now what I have to change, to be not only good looking, but easy maintanable. :slight_smile: (And if the electronics works well, I will change the peli case and build a better looking box for it)

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