85135 Motor from flipsky?

Why is especially the 85135 Motor from flipsky,
but also the 107176 Motor Never getting used on this forum ?
For me the 85135 looks better than the 65150 Motors ?
But I am a beginner so please correct me if I overlooked anything or if there are already some threads about this !!




To be honest there kinda over kill you only need about 6,000 watts of power peak. The 65161 motor comes in 100kv and 120kv 140kv works but is pretty high ( less torque)There also kinda fat there for a big mast clamp. You can find a lot of build using 65161 motors and mast clamp stl files, it’s kinda nice not having to CAD your own mast clamp. Also the price point is really good for the 65161 motor, on Banggood there $360 usd.

All that said, you can use whatever motor you want!
They will all work


Drag is proportional to front surface area squared, therefore all the larger motors are less interesting. Drag on 80100 motor is already 2x the drag of the 65161 motor which works well

If motor was smaller than 65mm would be even better but there’s a limit on the smaller diameter to get enough torque in direct drive.

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