A bunch of DIY efoil newb questions before I commit

Hi, I’ve been researching building my own efoil to be ready next spring.
I have a few questions, probably a few of them have been answered so pardon my ignorance in that case.

I’ve seen a few jumps with efoils and the landings look a bit brutal, would making the board underside a V shape help with this and also if you are riding in waves that hit the underside of the board?

Would it be possible to 3d-print molds to cast carbon fiber wings with? My printer can only make 256 x 256 x 256mm items, would it be too small print area? I guess it should be possible to design several modules and piece them together to make the mold, possibly a bit janky.

So with gear on and maybe a small backpack I could weigh close to 90Kg would I be able to go 50km/h+? Not sure where to start looking for a wing, engine esc and prop for that capacity, would appreciate it if someone can point me in the right direction.

I would also like to have 30KM+ (about 13 nautical miles) range, not necessarily at full speed but a decent cruise speed. How much batteries would I need for that?

Whats the consensus on Lithium Polymer versus Lithium Ion batteries? Most of the build threads I’ve seen use LiPo, I’m guessing because Lithium Ion cant deliver the same current as the lipo? At least not if you wanna go fast? Ion batteries have more W/H per grams tho so at what size does it out preform LiPo?

I have a nice adjustable DC charger (5-140V 0-15A) I use for Lithium Ion batteries, could I use the same on LiPo? Or do I need some kind of smart charger?

What budget should I realistically be looking at for the specs I want to build for?’

Gonna keep digging through the forum, great source of knowledge so far <3

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