A lighter engine

I just received a Flipsky 65111/160KV motor.
I found it very heavy compared to a Foildrive motor.
Does anyone know of a lighter motor or equivalent to a foildrive motor?
thank you so much

6384 or 63100 Outrunners, but you need to change the bearings to stainless ones and treat them with epoxy to make them „water resistant“.

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I was offered a smaller Flipsky engine 5062 / 160 kv.
Will this engine work?
These engines you mentioned are from which manufacturer?
Thanks a lot for the help

Not sure about the 5062, might work for a foildrive. 63100 works well for an efoil on 12S, so 6384 or 6374 should be enough for a Foildrive.

Here the Link to Alien Power

There are also some from Ali, should be ok up to 8S:
US $62.90 26% Off | 6384 120KV 4600W High Power BLDC Outrunner Brushless Sensored Motor for Electric Balancing Scooter Skateboard Replacement Parts

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Dude, aren’t these engines waterproof?
There are many engines and I don’t understand the subject, but I already have the board mounted.
I received the ESC, the wireless throttle and the motor.
All I need is the engine mount and battery.
Do you know where I can get the engine mount?
Apreciate your Help.

Outrunners are not waterproof, there is a gap between rhe stator and rotor, they run wet, means water is entering inside the motor. This is good for cooling but bad because of corrosion. You need to treat the stator and rotor with epoxy to prevent corrosion. Spend some time searching and reading the forum, there are some posts about how to waterproof outrunners, you can also search for 80100, it is the same procedure.
You should also find 3d printable motor mounts for 63xx Motors.

My God
I thought that with a motor (in the specifics already measured) plus the appropriate ESC and the waterproof wireless accelerator, I would be able to fly.

65111 inrunner is waterproof, I was refering to the 63xxx Outrunners which are not meant to be used under water in the condition they are sold. They are normally used for electric skateboards.

Would you mind weighing your motor? I’m also looking at it for a prone assist device. The weight isn’t listed online and I want to compare it to a 6384.