A tease from Waydoo

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Saw it at boot Dusseldorf two days ago.
It has a sensor in the nose to adjust things like riding a mono wheel.

What else was interesting on the show, got more pictures also from other brands?

Not all efoil related.

The omo-jet will soon have a efoil adaptor too.


Really cool, thank you for the pictures

Interesting to see that this Waydoo board has active self-leveling. Would this be the first e-foil coming to market with that feature?
I know of Level Foils, but I’m not sure what their status is and doesn’t look like there’s been much from them in the last year or so. I imagine it’s an unnecessary (even unwanted) feature for many members of this forum. But depending on how well it works it could be good feature for rentals or just allowing beginners to be on foil for longer.

The HyperFly eFoil Scooter by Audi Aerofoils has an anti-breach system that prevents users from shooting out of the water. https://youtu.be/m23agGngR54?si=DgIiVyRLLHZdH9OX&t=94

Interesting! That’s a clever idea and also a new product it seems. It’s nice that it’s more of a passive system but also a bit limited with just one fixed position on the mast