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Direct drive 80Kv, 7Kw on 12s 16Ah, 300A watercooled esc, Moses foils on homebuilt mast and keel.

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Nice! Can you please tell us something about your motor. It seems like it runs inside the water without any housing. Did you modify the motor for that? Do you have more pics on the engine mounting? I am also looking for an outrunner, but I have some doubts on the cooling inside a housing…

Hi Chris,The motor I am using is from alienpowersystem.com it is Dia 80 mm 1800g.
Spinning at 4000rpm in water it is using 29A whithout prop so it is not to recomend.

The motormount was made for the Suppo 180Kv motor on the picture with the Kenzen 94mm thruster.
I have had some problems with the esc so neither of them has been tested in full but I think running in free water is not a good idea and was really only for testing. I do not think such a small prop will work for take off.

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