Adam's first attempt

did the first water trials yesterday. Seems both powerful enough and buoyant enough. Going to move the mast aft a bit in the mounting tracks and go for a more substantive test. Nothing leaked, nothing shorted, nothing overheated…

This is very much a prototype - call it version 0.5. After we figure out what to modify, I’ll build a new board the has the batteries flush with the deck, and probably slightly larger dimensions to help beginners stay afloat.


Neat! can you give more data about your build?

  • I see some tubes at the back, are you watercooling your ESC?
  • What is this gray piece at the back of your motor pod? Is that for keeping the tube from spinning? Or maybe simply a different color for the print?

Which setup did you follow? any modifications?
Any pictures from assembly? (I’m really interested in seeing how people deal with the final assembly where you put a lot of glue and hope nothing leak :slight_smile: )

Ah, and best of luck with the next test.

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Looks great @Pitts12driver

@Yinnon_Haviv If you are going through all the work to design and build its best you take little extra work to make it all assemble and disassemble without glue. You WILL have issues and having to cut your build apart is a huge waste of time. money and effort :slight_smile: Best to have parts slide together with o-rings and use screws through the aluminum tube is what we have done.

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Adam, any update on your build? Thanks!

yes - so version 0.5 worked decently well. came up with a bunch of refinements - integral waterproof battery box, new pump layout for cooling the speed controller, a different board shape, and am working on Version 0.7.


here’s the original “old” version…