Advice for homemade wooden wings

First of all, that’s my first time sharing my jet-board build:

Reached 23kmh at 8600w (!!!) should be faster if I spent more time smoothing the bottom and improve the intake.

I’m in the process of building a hydrofoil but since my budget is very tight I considered building my own mast and wings from pre-existing materials, mast will be made from aluminum sun shade louvers, fuselage from whatever metal tube or bar, I also have a 3D printer for all the rest.

I already have the following electronics:
6384 (epoxied, waterproof)
3-16s Flier 400A
12s Lipo 10Ah

Any advice about homemade wooden wings (especially thickness) will be very appreciated!

Don’t start with too thin a profile. A minimum of 10-12 % thickness ratio should be fine.
Wood ? Not frequent but possible. Try to find this guy on the net. If he has succeeded with not so strong Paulownia, you should as well.


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Thanks, what do you consider a thin profile?
I’m going 85~90CM wingspan,
20mm thick blank? Maybe 30mm?
I’m not sure what you mean by ratio but I’ll follow your advice.
Thanks again.

Also, you might find it easier (and about as cheap) to buy a Clearwater kit or at least the mast, plate, and fuselage. I’ve made all of those from scratch and it was a fun project but no cheaper by the time I bought the materials. Gong fuse, mast and plate is under $200 and works great.

Or search aliexpress. There are a ton of sets without wings for around $100

How long did it take to get your kit from Clearwater hydrofoil? I have been waiting 2 months for mine and can’t get ahold of anyone from the company….