Advice of glassing waterproof compartment

Hi All,

Almost ready to glass in my waterproof compartment. Any advice on gkassing the sides and rounded corners, is it best to do the sides separately? Going to do a test first

Any advice would be much appreciated

Boat hatch will go on eventually

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chopped strand is much more forgiving for the internal corners

I’m also about to glass my compartment! I was planning on glassing it with one piece of cloth (should I?). I was advised to round the edges since fiberglass cloth does not like 90 deg angles.

Thanks I’ll maybe get some chopped strand for the corners

Nice work!

What did yo use to cut out the foam?

Is that hatch water proof? I know hiorth did some early tests with a similar hatch but it did not keep the water out.

Keep up the good work!


I have one of the same hatches. They are meant to be waterproof, but upon investigation I found the seals were not great. Replacing the seal makes it watertight though. My only concern is how strong the lid is…

Thanks jezza. I guess you can reinforce it on the inside?

Do you use any other water proofing inside the lid, like separate boxes for battery, esc and so on?

I haven’t glassed it onto the board yet… I guess it depends on confident I feel with it after its installed…

This is how I did it:

  1. First I did cut the fibre cloth in pices to fit the compartment.
  2. The I used a product called Infutac to have the cloth “stick” to the inner surface of the compartment. I could really recommend some kind of product like this for messy corners and tight spaces.
  3. Then I used a brush to distribute the epoxi resin evenly on the cloth.
  4. Then I did put two layers of plastic film over the compartment and everything.
  5. The I filled the compartment with water on top of the plastic film to have the pressure press the cloth and epoxi to the sides and corners of the compartment.

Worked great. The plastic film did leave some wrinklemarks in the cured epoxi but some sanding took care of that.


Note that infutac eats through styrofoam. Learned the hard way :slight_smile:

thank for the warning and all the other pieces of information