Advice to the collector

Hello everyone, if anyone can tell you-thank you very much .arrived motor 80100 I will order Esc Flyer question will 300A or 320A or 380a be enough ??

My first build used a flier 320A ESC. Still working with no problems. I put about 80A max through it. There are better ESCs out there if you are still to buy one.

hi do you have the same engine ?Maximum power: 7000 W
Maximum current: 148 amps
Max. Volt: 14S
Maximum torque: 17 nm
The resistance of the engine:
Recommended ESC: 6-14 S200A
Weight: 3.96 lbs/1.82 kg
Motor length: 107 mm
Motor diameter: 80 mm
Shaft: diameter 12 mm I do not know what other better price ? :slight_smile: -) throw off the LINKS LOOK THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING