Air fan and Flyak, some interesting variaitons

Check out the videos below. The Flyak is an interesting hydrofoil because it seems to be inherently more stable than a foil board and also self-controls for flying height.
The air fan propulsion may be easier to build…lots more of this kind of stuff (motors, props etc.) already on the market, and water proofing should be much easier.

Maybe not as cool as the electric surfboard foil, but this type of hydrofoil may be easier to build and fly. Nothing in the works for me in this direction at this time…just sharing some ideas.

Some of my initial thoughts on a couple of variations are:

  1. Flyak air fan driven
  2. Flyak water prop driven, paddles can assist take off
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Yes but i don’t want the lipo in my back :sweat_smile:

holy shit!!
does anybody know whats the most efficient way of “being propelled forward”?
water-jet, water-propeller, fins, air-propeller, air-jet…?

that would eliminate the inefficient ways from the beginning

The world record for human powered water craft was a hydrofoil using an air propeller. The Decavitator was the brain child of MIT professor and aerodynamic genius Mark Drela.


In this report by Scientific nAmerica, the water propelled Flying Fish 2 was slightly faster than the Decavitator.

Big fin propeller just enough for the thrust slow rpm pitch to the désired speed apparently

so a waterjet with impeller and high RPM is less efficient?

Apparently yes , but if you loose 5-10min off riding and it is safer , just need more battery pack