Alan's build in Hong Kong

Checked the connections, all looks ok. Now the hall sensor on the throttle quit but the throttle trim screw will still run throttle.

I just asked the seller on taobao, he suggest you to counter check the 3 pins of the hall effect sensor.:smile:


Good job mate I also go that beach to test my efoil sometimes :+1:t3::+1:t3:

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Hi Alan,
can you do me a favour and take a picture with assembled spring inside the waterproof remote case? While I was opening my new remote the spring jumped out and I have no clue where I need to place that shitty thing. Thanks in advanced!

Just had mine apart again trying to get the hall sensor to work. Here is a picture of the spring. Straight part of the spring inserts into a hole at the base of the thumb throttle.

Let us know how yours works!

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Hall sensor is now working. Had some factory glue globs across the contacts. Thank you Alan for the fix. Here is a video of the glitchy behavior that makes riding with this remote difficult.

Thanks mate! Gonna try it tomorrow.

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I use this method to install the spring. I will try it with servo next time when testing the board. It is beginning to feel like winter in Hong Kong:cold_face:

Hi Alan,

thank you very much!!

Parallel I’m workin on an other approach to have a low budget remote with finger throttle based on the old winning remote. Only changed the hall sensor and put the receiver in a Pastinaken Glas.

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I’m glad to help. Btw, I just replace all bearings to ceramics bearings today. Three 6801 and one 6809 bearings. Hope it can hold the thrust…

All magnet still alive. I just fill the gap between magnet by silicone.

Nice Alan! Is that the may tech 8080 outrunner? The copper fill looks good.

Thanks. I don’t know the manufacturer of the motor.


I see, very nice.

thanks for the reply.

I tried that with silicone and it failed miserably! You managed to get it nice and neat! What was your technique?

I just use the 704 silicone glue to fill the 3 gaps one time. Then, rotate it after half hour and repeat the work. Unfortunately, the magnet little bit rusty after a month test. So, I use the epoxy to cover the magnet, gaps and stator wiring.


Covering the stator and its wiring with epoxi could lower the capability of dissipating heat considerably. And rising temperatures caused by the resistance of wiring could soften and eventually melt the epoxy.

Hi Alan,

you swapped all the bearings to ceramic ones a few month ago. Can you recommend this option?

Would maybe a stainless steel version also do the job?

corrosion x free after I replace all the bearings to ceramic and the shaft replaced by 316 stainless steel. No rust so far.


Hi Alan,

Congratulation for your creativity, expertize and perseverance!
I am not good for building myself so I am buying a lift efoil that i should receive soon.
I will be very happy to share a ride with you, switch efoil and chat together face to face about your project and efoil in general.
I am based in Clear Water Bay silverstrand area. Where are you based and where do you ride?