Alan's build in Hong Kong

Hi every one

I want to thank all on here who have shared their great design, builds and files. I did a trial run with my friend on this morning but it’s still in a testing progress. It take time to learn how to ride the board…The configuration of my board is 80100 direct drive direct cooling. Thanks Mat. Finally, I would like to share my build here.

Material list (around 6700 RMB)

Test run


Battery (8kg)

Foil with motor (6.9kg)

Board with water proof case (8.6kg)

Water proof remote

Passive cooling of the ESC

DIY Heated 3mm Wetsuit


How do you like the remote? Do you get a strong connection with the receiver? I ordered one last week and I would like some feedback! Thanks


not bad. But it will disconnect when the receiver under the salt water around 10 CM. Also, the waterproof coating for the electronic component and the connection of the battery are too thin. I used 704 silicon gel to increase the coating.


How did you waterproof your motor

Hi Alan,

thanks for sharing your list. It is really interesting to see that you got almost everything at taobao and even for much lower prices than at AliExpress.

I have ordered the waterproof remote as well.
How do you figured out that the coating is too thin? Do you know if the throttle range is now bigger than on their previous skateboard “winning” remote?

Agreed on the prices! A build for less than 1,000US is very impressive! Edit: However, I don’t think that people outside of China (EU, USA, etc) could actually benefit from the price difference on Taobao since international shipping through agents like superbuy is very expensive.

I use “corrosionx method” and filled the gap between magnet of the rotor by 704 silicon gel. Also the connection between 8awg wire.


Because the anode of the battery has been broken after 5 minutes on the salt water… And the coating can be crap with fingernail easily. The remote control use hall effect sensor for the throttle control. I do not have “winning” remote but I think it is not a big issue as most of the ESC have thottle range cal.

I just received my remote. The throttle control starts off linear and then after a minute or so becomes erratic and cuts in and out. If I turn power off and back on I get the same erratic behavior after about 1 min. Doesn’t seem to be a signal problem as it will do it with the tx and rx next to each other. Was really wanting this tx to work.

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Check for a loose battery connection in the remote. I had the same problem.

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As I mention that before, suggest use silicone gel to increase the water proof coating, especially the battery connection.

New testing video. Btw, the bearing of the motor seems rusted. I will replace them to full ceramics bearing.


Checked the connections, all looks ok. Now the hall sensor on the throttle quit but the throttle trim screw will still run throttle.

I just asked the seller on taobao, he suggest you to counter check the 3 pins of the hall effect sensor.:smile:


Good job mate I also go that beach to test my efoil sometimes :+1:t3::+1:t3:

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Hi Alan,
can you do me a favour and take a picture with assembled spring inside the waterproof remote case? While I was opening my new remote the spring jumped out and I have no clue where I need to place that shitty thing. Thanks in advanced!

Just had mine apart again trying to get the hall sensor to work. Here is a picture of the spring. Straight part of the spring inserts into a hole at the base of the thumb throttle.

Let us know how yours works!

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Hall sensor is now working. Had some factory glue globs across the contacts. Thank you Alan for the fix. Here is a video of the glitchy behavior that makes riding with this remote difficult.

Thanks mate! Gonna try it tomorrow.

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I use this method to install the spring. I will try it with servo next time when testing the board. It is beginning to feel like winter in Hong Kong:cold_face: