China 80100 80kv

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Has anyone tested China’s 80100? He is very cheap. How does the 80100 waterproof?

Where did you find this motor? Can you provide me with a link or some more specs?

I use this motor to build my efoil last year.

It seems to be the same as the one sold by alien power

  • the insulation of the leads is the same
  • the outside geometry is identical

but, the shaft is shorter, that’s better for our use, too bad it’s longer on the wrong side…
and the radial screws holding the rotor are bigger, less change to get one stuck :slight_smile:

Caution thought, the data sheet says 270Kv, and the RPM range isn’t consistent with either 80 or 270Kv… not sure what the symbols mean though…

hi Alan , cool build but is this motor waterproof. ? I thought we had to protect the motor from the water.

Haha, the motor totally not waterproof :grinning: .The bearing should be replaced by ceramics or 316 stainless also the shaft and all screw. The wiring and magnet cover by epoxy is recommended. Because the insulation of the wiring will be disappear if you used in salt water few times. Also, the magnet will become rusty. When I notice the above issues, I carry out an overhaul to clear the rust and improvement work. After that, the motor still alive.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@alan_wong Do you know the kv rating for this motor? Would you recommend a purchase of it?